Build Your Own Lolly Bags

Create your perfect lolly bags for your child’s birthday party with our “Build your own lolly bags”! Choose from a delightful selection of candies and lollies to curate a personalised assortment that suits your taste buds. Whether you prefer tangy gummies, rich chocolates, or classic hard candies, the choice is all yours.

Alien Pop
Alien Pop (+$0.40)
Blue tongue painter chews
Blue Tongue Painter (+$0.20)
Candy Glitter Lip Candy
Candy Glitter Lip Candy (+$1.10)
Candy Watch Bracelet
Candy Watch Bracelet (+$0.30)
Chupa Chups Babol Bubble Gum
Chupa Chups Babol Bubble Gum (+$1.20)
Chupa Chups Bites
Chupa Chups Bites (+$0.50)
Chuppa Chups
Chuppa Chup (+$0.30)
Cobra Snake (+$0.50)
Crazy Candy Slime
Crazy Candy Slime (+$1.95)
Fads (+$0.30)
Fizzers (+$0.25)
Nerds (+$2.00)
Pool balls bubblegums
Pool Balls Bubblegums x 3 (+$0.30)
Pop Tongue Dip-N-Lik
Pop Tongue Dip-N-Lik (+$2.20)
Popping Candy
Popping Candy (+$0.25)
Red rippers
Red Rippers x 2 (+$0.40)
Sherbet Bottles
Sherbet Bottle (+$0.50)
Sherbet Lollipop
Sherbet Lollipop (+$0.20)
Super Bubblegum Tattoo
Super Bubblegum Tattoo (+$0.20)
Zappo - Grape
Zappo – Grape (+$1.00)
Gummi Pizza
Gummi Pizza (+$0.75)
Wicked Fizz - 4 flavours
Wicked Fizz (+$0.40)
TNT Sour Crazy Crackles
TNT Sour Crazy Crackles (+$1.00)
TNT Sour Party Mix
TNT Sour Party Mix 150g (+$4.00)
Trolli Sea Critters
Trolli Sea Critters (+$0.30)
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Introducing a delightful experience that lets you indulge in the joy of customisation – our "Build your own lolly bags." Gone are the days of settling for pre-packaged assortments that might not cater to your exact preferences. With our innovative offering, you have the power to craft lolly bags that align perfectly with your cravings.

Step into our virtual candy wonderland and explore an extensive array of confectionery delights. From classic childhood favorites to contemporary confections, our selection covers the full spectrum of sweet sensations. Choose from an assortment that includes tangy gummies bursting with fruity flavors, velvety chocolates that melt in your mouth, satisfyingly chewy caramels, and the nostalgic allure of hard candies that evoke memories of simpler times.

Browse through our extensive menu of lollies, each accompanied by vivid imagery and detailed descriptions that tantalize your taste buds. Take your time to peruse the options, imagining the delightful medley of flavors and textures that will soon grace your lolly bag. Are you a fan of the zesty zing of sour candies, or do you prefer the luxurious creaminess of milk chocolates? Perhaps you're drawn to the timeless appeal of classic hard candies in an array of colors and flavors.

The beauty of "Build your own lolly bags" lies in the freedom it provides. No more compromising on flavors you don't adore or textures that don't excite you. You're the master of your own lolly domain, the architect of your sweet symphony.

Whether you're seeking the perfect party favors, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or simply a way to treat yourself to a tailored indulgence, "Build your own lolly bags" is your passport to confectionery bliss. Embrace the joy of customisation, and let your sweet fantasies come to life in a symphony of flavors, colors, and textures that reflect your unique palate.

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